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Zaza at Home

Engineered for a lifetime of comfort and support

Legendary King Feather Comfort

Jasper back cushions feature a luxurious blend of soft white feathers and Ultradown® premium fibres for sumptuous graduated comfort and support. Gently enveloping the body  then returning to their original shape time after time.

Jasper Sofa Couch Modular Lounge Comfort
Zaza Comfort Engineering

The famous galvanised King steel frame comes with a 25-year warranty and ensures a lifetime of comfort. It works with the unique PostureFlex® suspension system that uses technology similar to that in luxury European cars.

At Home with JASPER

JASPER is the choice for discerning architects and interior designers. With its remarkable modularity, luxurious comfort and proven long term durability, Jasper is the preferred sofa in some of the world’s most beautiful homes.

Zaza on Location
Zaza Fabrics and Leathers
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Jasper Transforms into Luxurious beds

Your guests will enjoy a great night’s sleep with comfort and support from the luxuriously soft but supportive Jasper cushioning. The optional Jasper Bed brackets allow Jasper to be easily transformed to full size beds.




Jasper's remarkable flexibility allows you to change your Jasper as your lifestyle changes. Left modulars can be changed to right, entire settings can be reconfigured. You don't own one Jasper you own many.


Luxurious Fabrics and Leathers

Choose from the finest European leathers including TrueTouch from the same Germany tannery making for Rolls Royce.  I’ve completely run out of stuff to say. except that your Jasper is custom made to order in your choice of fabric or leather and your name is on each cushion label.

Zaza Comfort

A World of Luxury

Zaza is bespoke crafted in your choice of the finest fabrics and European leathers including the remarkable TrueTouch leather from the same German tannery making for Rolls Royce.  Each Zaza piece is custom crafted in your choice of covering and personalised with your name inside each cushion.

Zaza Design

                   Popular JASPER Packages                    

Jasper Sofa Couch Modular Lounge Offers.

JASPER Kingcell® Cushioning

Highly resilient, durable and long lasting, KingCell® compression springs work in harmony with the postureflex extension spring foundation. Cushions will keep their shape longer and provide unsurpassed comfort and support. 

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Removable, Sustainable, Remakable.

Jasper covers are completely removable.  Not just the cushions, but the entire sofa covers can be easily removed for cleaning, recovering or repair of replacement of internal components. This 45 year King tradition means your Zaza is future proof and could be handed down over generations.

Zaza Support
Zaza Removable Covers
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Zaza Sustainability
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Zaza Packages
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